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King of CI Fighters

The King of CI Fighters

What Is The Idea?

The King of Fighters is a series of fighting games by SNK that began with the release of The King of Fighters ‘94 in 1994. The idea is to visualize Travis CI data in KOF-97.

As we know, by using Travis CI API we could get a bunch of CI events. The states of events include errored, canceled, failed, passed, etc. I am curious about what is the distribution of these states in all finished Travis jobs. If in KOF-97, one fighter stands for all passed events, another stands for the rest of events, who will most likely win the match?

How Does It Look Like?


Iori stands for successfull builds.


Kyo stands for other build states, such as failed, canceled, errored, etc.

Every action in the fight is determined by 5 finished jobs in Travis CI:

  • 5 builds are passed: total success, Iori gives a super special move.
  • 4 builds are passed: big success, Iori gives a heavy punch
  • 3 builds are passed: small success, Iori gives a light punch
  • 2 builds are passed: small failure, Kyo gives a light punch
  • 1 build is passed: big failure, Kyo gives a heavy punch
  • 0 build is passed: total failure, Kyo gives a super special move.

A short video to show such an interesting fight:

How Is This Implemented?

The script is written in Python2. Thanks to the nice Travis builds websocket provided by Thomas Durieux, all Travis build events are fetched regularly. Then all job_finished events are added into a queue. Another subthread picks 5 builds from the queue every time, then calculates fighters’ action based on the rules above. These actions are sent to the game emulator by another subthread. During my testing, KOF-97 is running in a Wine environment.


  • pip install websocket_client
  • sudo apt-get install xdotool

One More Thing

This is just a visualization idea about Travis CI data. No matter a job is passed or not, it helps developers to test their project. So don’t take the fighting result seriously, just enjoy a KOF-97 fight controlled by CI data :)